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Larry L. Rowe's honesty and compassion help you win your case.

As one of West Virginia's well known lawyers, he has a reputation for integrity and hard work. With a top law school graduate, a prestigious federal judge clerkship and his own practice, Larry L. Rowe is the right lawyer to have on your side.  With genuine concern for every client, Larry's goal is to help you recover both physically and financially from all your injuries. With over three decades of experience, Larry has the experience to represent those injured in auto accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers.


Larry L. Rowe limits his law practice to injury claims, motor vehicle wrecks and probate cases. Larry takes pride in offering high-quality legal services by devoting his attention to clients, and is dedicated to staying in contact with clients and ensuring they’re informed. No fees are collected until your case is won.


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History of Malden

"If I were a client looking for help after a car accident, I would expect competent legal assistance from an attorney who acts promptly, keeps me informed and leaves me with a sense that I am being treated fairly and honestly. That is what I try to do in every case, for every client." 

— Larry L. Rowe

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